Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where, oh, where......

have the tree decorating fairies gone? We still have a bare tree in the house! Will they be here in time for Christmas???!!! It's such a beautiful tree, actually, that it's a shame to cover it with glitz....Not!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The faster I go, the behinder I get.....

Wow! More than three months since the last post. Incredible. Blogging is hard work, I guess, and I haven't been up to the task. A lot has happened in that time. At the end of Sept. we lost my father-in-law. RIP, Ted. In October I went to Pittsburgh for a needlework seminar and to see three grad school classmates. A good break, a lot of fun, and great to reconnect with special friends. The guys are looking good! Then it was back to reality - working and trying to encourage the building of a new library. The Red Sox bowed out of the playoffs too easily. A new season for the Maineiacs came about - with a lot to forget in the first part of it. Good luck to the new coach and welcome back Jeff.
Bobby had kidney stones blasted and is now waiting for a second round to begin. We had a big crowd here for Thanksgiving - so much fun! I'm now a bit greener after getting a new Nissan Altima hybrid. (Can't wait until we can go all electric.) Charlie Weis has left Notre Dame and Brian Kelly himself is now ready to take over the reigns. Unfortunately the ND Women's Soccer team are not the national champs. Now we're on to Christmas - the tree is up but the tree decorating fairies haven't shown up yet. Bruins are doing me proud and the Pats are on shaky ground.
Yet, in all of this is a great deal of excitement. My cousin Bernie's son is a member of The Beezlebubs, a phenomenal a capella group from Tufts University. They're currently appearing on NBC's "Sing-Off." They've led the competition for three nights straight. Now it's time for everyone to pitch in and make them number one in the land. Check out the show and vote at Go Bubs!