Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hard to believe that I've neglected this for the past year. Why? Who knows? I just haven't been inspired to share that much of me outside of my Facebook postings of which there have been many. In this last year I've both connected and reconnected with many family members and friends. Just a week ago, we had a most successful reunion with relatives on my mother's side, the Mynahans.  We had more than 100 on hand, ranging in age from 3 months to early 90's. Too much fun - both in planning the reunion and in the day itself.   In fact, we've already set a date to start planning the next one. My generation has taken the lead in planning. It's been easy for us as we all live within a couple of hours from each other. For the next generation, it might not be that easy. They're scattered far and wide across the country. Hopefully there'll be ways to have virtual reunions.

Two weeks ago I had a high school class reunion. Again, half the fun was in the planning. It was great to see old frineds and to get reacquainted with other classmates that weren't a part of my circle in school. I think one of my classmates put it so well - "We all shared spending a certain time in a certain place and I think it was important that we did not let this moment in our lives pass without our celebration last Saturday. It was great to see us all connect - not as who were were in high school but rather as who we are now." Thanks, Jim, for finding just the right words.